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CBG Cigarettes Classic 5ct 4.5g


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The ELLZ Classic CBG hemp cigarettes come in a box with a pop-top lid where all 5 cigarettes are neatly lined up and ready for smoking. They’re great to have around when you’re with a group of friends and everyone wants to unwind. Each cigarette contains close to one gram of CBG hemp flower rolled up in rolling paper with a filter at the end.


There are 5 cbg cigarettes inside a box of ELLZ Classics. Each one contains .9 of a gram of ground-up hemp flower that was sourced from farms in the USA. The outer part of the cigarette consists of a thin rolling paper, which burns even and smooth.

Finally, if you love pre-rolls for their convenience, then these CBG hemp cigarettes are right up your alley. Since they contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, you won’t feel intoxicated — only relaxed and mellow.

Product Size
5 hemp cigarettes with .9 grams of CBG hemp flower in each one.

Suggested Use
Light the end of the CBG cigarette and take a few hits. Pause for a few minutes, then continue to smoke if you want deeper, more relaxing effects.

CBG hemp flower.

Hemp is grown in the USA.

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