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Shop ELLZ vape collection for the best in CBD vape and alternate cannabinoids. Hemp vapes are the best alternative to smoking and an excellent way to supplement your wellness rituals. Delve into our selection of wide ranging flavors and possible effects to quickly discover a great way to enjoy hemp. ELLZ only uses all-natural ingredients and absolutely no fillers! Enjoy each cannabinoid extract that derives from the best American grown hemp and added botanical terpenes for incredibly satisfying formulations. ELLZ Modern cartridges can enhance your days by raising the vibes anytime you may need a quick lift. That’s right! Elevate your life with ELLZ broad spectrum vape carts, always supreme quality for affordable prices!

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When you welcome CBD vape into your life the clouds disappear revealing a brighter sun, wider smiles and resounding laughter. Harness the positive energy throughout your days and into the night when restfulness calls to you. With ELLZ Modern, this is the way! No gimmicks and no fillers, only 100% quality you can savor with each hit you take. Afterall, the bar is set high and it’s everything we want for our customers. Each formulation within each 1 gram cartridge naturally sets itself apart from the competitors due to the all-natural high quality ingredients. Plus, the cartridges we fill with our distillate are also top-notch to reduce clogging, and increase flavor and vapor production.

In fact, a CBD vape pen is a fabulous thing to have on-hand for just about any occasion. After all, vapor clouds are quite a bit more discreet than smoke. First, vapor will not emit overly heavy skunky or earthy odors. And secondly, vapor clouds and/or odors will not linger for very long, if at all. In fact, research shows that vapor can dissipate as fast as 10 to 15 seconds. However, we still advocate for courteous vaping no matter where you might be. It’s always best to remember to be gracious and vape away from others, so we can keep the good vibes flowing.

Most folks who vape CBD are looking for an alternative to tobacco, strong THC based cannabis strains or even alcohol. Certainly everyone needs something to take the edge off and hemp is a great alternative. Cannabidiol has been a possible solution for thousands looking to reduce nicotine cravings. It has been known to impart comforting throat hits and calming sensations, which may reduce desires for a nicotine stick. And for those looking to reduce their THC or alcohol intake, hemp has been a potential viable substitute too. Afterall, there are current clinical studies suggesting CBD may help relieve anxiety by working with the human nervous system. As has been stated prior, hemp is an excellent all-natural and affordable alternative.

Surprisingly the term CBD vape oil is often used interchangeably with CBD distillate. However, one should understand that technically these two cannabidiol products are quite distinct. The liquid inside ELLZ Modern vape carts is distillate and does not contain oil. Oils are not recommended for vaping or smoking, but are for oral ingestion through the form of a tincture. Distillate is a type of concentrate that is made through a CO2 or a solvent based extraction process. Terpene compounds from either a botanical or hemp source are then added for specific flavor and strain formulations. The ability to distinguish between the two specific hemp products is important when purchasing a vape cartridge or disposable pod.

ELLZ Modern brings to you only the best variety in hemp cannabinoids and this includes delta 8 THC distillate. Our carts do not contain delta 8 THC vape juice, but simply the highest quality concentrate. Vape juice contains food grade ingredients such as propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). ELLZ formulations include only high potency distillate for excellent effects and botanical terpenes for amazing flavors. In fact, our D8 distillate is sweetly satisfying for those looking to tease their taste buds and elevate their day. It is a hemp cannabinoid relative of the infamous delta 9 THC, but with a much softer touch. And while this may be so, it still will summon quite the kick to your senses.

As of now, ELLZ does not offer a delta 8 thc disposable vape pen. But if you’re interested in vaping, we highly recommend investing in a reliable 510 vape pen from a trusted manufacturer. Vape hardware from YoCan, iKrusher or Puffco are highly recommended to ramp up ELLZ Modern cartridges. Their unique designs will offer your vaping sessions more versatility and better vapor production than your average disposable vape pen. Plus, due to the fact that vaporizers are incredibly affordable, it is possible to have more than one on hand. This is an incredible perk for the reason that you will want more than one ELLZ vape cart. Afterall, there is a vapor cartridge for varying occasions. We promise!

With this in mind, an ELLZ HHC vape cartridge is definitely something you’ll want to add to your shopping cart. HHC is an alt cannabinoid that is taking the hemp world by storm. This exciting hemp compound is said to be quite similar to delta 9. But, we highly recommend you discover how amazing it is for yourself! After all, everyone’s experiences can vary due to the diversity in body chemistry. Of course we offer this happy cannabinoid in three of the sexiest flavors you’ll encounter on the market today. Each vapor cart is a full spectrum experience that will fill you with wonder and awe! By all means, we dare you to resist the alluring nature of HHC.

What does CBD do for you in a vape?

So what does CBD do for you in a vape? Well, effects of CBD through inhalation will deliver a dose much more rapidly than any other method of consumption. With a CBD vape the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream and crosses the blood brain barrier quite quickly. This method offers an exceptional bioavailability, as well. Due to the fact that it doesn’t have to be processed by the liver, one receives a more accurate dose. With each hit there is an acceleration of activation of the possible effects that CBD may offer. There is one caveat to all this however. When a compound enters the system very quickly, it can also have a fast departure rate, as well.

How long does CBD vape stay in your body?

The question of how long does CBD vape stay in your body is asked quite often. And the answer is that it will always vary depending on your body’s metabolism. After all, it plays an essential role in how fast your body is able to process and eliminate substances. Fast metabolisms eliminate quickly while slower metabolisms will take more time, which may allow effects to last longer. This can also affect your needs as far as dosage effectiveness and timing. The influential factors of cannabidiol metabolism are as follows:

  • Method of consumption
  • Dosage
  • Frequency of use
  • Individual body chemistry
How to vape CBD oil?

Once you receive your order from ELLZ, you may be wondering, how to vape CBD oil? It’s nothing too complicated as long as you have a 510 vape pen. Take the following steps and you’ll be vaping happily in no time!

  • Connect your vape cart to a vape pen with a 510 connection.
  • Turn your pen on by quickly clicking the “power” button 5 times.
  • Press the power button to heat up distillate and slowly inhale.
  • Wait 5 to 20 minutes to evaluate your sensitivity.
  • It is key to begin slowly and take small hits.
  • Do not exceed hits longer than 5 seconds.
  • Enjoy life.
How much CBD should I vape?

How much CBD should I vape is another frequent question that has no one universal answer for everyone. The only universal answer is that everyone has differing personal needs. Consider your body weight, personal body chemistry and your condition. And then ask yourself, “What am I attempting to achieve with my cannabidiol journey?” It is always best practice to begin slowly and gradually increase your intake as needed. If you find your favorite comfort zone, stick with that amount. More is not always necessarily better. Enough is good and a great happy place to be.

How to vape CBD?

If you’re new to vaping and want to know how to vape CBD note some of the following tips.

  • Keep it simple. Purchase a device that is easy to use until you advance to something more adjustable.
  • Always check for COA’s. Safety is a huge factor. You want a clean yet potent cartridge from a reliable source such as ELLZ.
  • Keep voltage set between 1.8v and 4.2. Remember that the higher it is set, the warmer the vapor becomes.
  • Higher temperatures than the above recommendations are more than likely going to burn your coil, ruin your distillate and give you awful coughing fits.
  • Have fun with it and let your worries dissipate with the vapor.
What is HHC vape cartridge?

A HHC cartridge vape is made to work with a 510 vaporizer and is filled with the hemp cannabinoid HHC. HHC is a minor cannabinoid, which means it is found in very small amounts in the hemp plant. In order to provide this cannabinoid in mass, its formulation consists of a process that involves hydrogenating delta 8 THC. Terpenes are for additional flavors and perhaps further effects. Hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC, is a psychoactive cannabinoid. It is often compared to delta 9, but some make claims that effects are minor by comparison. This is highly dependent on a variety of factors such as metabolization of cannabinoids and one’s own tolerance. Even so, it can be quite enjoyable and satisfying.