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EllZ are PURE HEMP PRE ROLLS that are Full Panel Lab Tested.
Hand rolled with love, two CBD hemp pre rolls packaged for your customer’s convenience in a resealable pouch.
ELLZ are of the highest quality hemp in both, purity, and potency. Fully lab tested from reputable third-party laboratories, you’ll find copies of these lab tests, also called the Certificate of Analysis, next to the products or in the labs section.

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We ship all over the globe. All shipments are sent out quickly and in discreet packaging. On average, it takes us 24 to 48 hours to fulfill domestic orders. Once an order ships to an address in the United States, it takes approximately 2 to 6 business days to arrive. In addition, all U.S. orders qualify for free shipping.
Orders sent to international destinations vary in their arrival date. We offer affordable International shipping rates.

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